Our New Parochial Vicar

Our New Parochial Vicar
Posted on 10/01/2018
Fr. Kevin's Ordination, (Photo from the Catholic Standard)

St. Mary’s Welcomes New Parochial Vicar

We are so excited and feel so blessed to welcome a new parochial vicar, Father Kevin Fields, to our parish. Eighth-grade student, Julia, interviewed for Father Kevin to introduce him to our readers.  

What are you most excited about as
someone new to the St. Mary’s community?

This is my first assignment as a priest. I was recently ordained in June. I am excited to be involved and to take part in all of my ministries.


What have been a few “takeaways” so far from your time here?

Father: I am impressed that people seek to find Christ in Mass and outside of Church.


Where are you from/Where did you grow up?

Father: I grew up in Olney, Maryland. My father was born in Baltimore and my mother was born in New York.


What are some of your favorite hobbies or interests?

Father: I am interested in hockey and traveling to historical sites. I enjoy trivia and reading.


Do you have any siblings?

Father: I am the middle of three children.


What is one talent of gift that you look forward to sharing?

Father: I look forward to sharing the gift of teaching and sharing the love of Christ.


What made you want to become a priest?

Father: I had a desire to serve, and God showed me that I could help more people as a priest.


What school did you attend?

Father: I attended Sequoyah Elementary in Derwood, and Rosa Parks Middle School in Olney. I attended Our Lady of Good Counsel, when it as back in Wheaton.


What was your favorite part of school?

Father: I enjoyed anything that had to do with history, or government.


When did you feel the call to become a priest?

Father: I felt the call after graduate school.


What can we as students do to help you in your ministry?

Father: You all can pray for yourselves, your families, the parish, and for us priests. You can find a way to love everyone.