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Our mission at St. Mary’s School is to help each child grow to be a disciple of Christ and a steward of God’s earth.


Tuition is the financial responsibility of the family or legal guardian. A non-refundable deposit of $100 application fee is due upon applying to our school. A deposit of $400 is made at the time of enrollment that is deducted from the total tuition payments. The application site for admissions is https://mytads.com/a/stmaryschool. Our admission and tuition management system offers a range of payment schedules and options to meet your needs.

Our tuition rate for 2023-24 is $11,400 per student, Grades PK though 8. This is an all-inclusive tuition rate which includes:

  • Books
  • Technology
  • Playground Fees
  • Most Field Trips
  • In-School Activities
  • (Lunch and Aftercare expenses are optional.)

Our School Advisory Board works diligently to establish the lowest tuition rates possible for our school families while managing to cover the expenses required to provide a quality educational experience for our students.

Families are expected to volunteer 20 hours per school year each year, and there are many, many ways to complete these throughout the year – in school and outside of school hours as well! Families who do not complete their volunteer hours will be billed $20 per hour for each hour not completed. This isn’t as complicated as it may sound! Additional detail will be provided. We understand that many of our families sacrifice to send their children to our school, and they do so willingly because they know it is a gift the children will never outgrow.


The Archdiocese of Washington DC works hard to keep Catholic education affordable and offers several tuition assistance programs through the archdiocese and other private organizations.

All families requesting tuition assistance from the parish must complete the TADS financial aid form https://adwcatholicschools.org/tuition-assistance/archdiocesan-tuition-assistance-program/. Applications for current families are due in December and applications for new families are due by February.

St. Mary’s School Catholic Grants – If you are a Catholic family, registered and participating with an Archdiocese of Washington parish, you are eligible to apply for a Catholic grant of up to $1,100 per students. The application is available on our school website through the “For Parents” Tab,

St. Mary’s is a Proud Participant of Maryland BOOST Scholarship – Maryland State is accepting scholarship applications. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2023. The Maryland General Assembly authorized $9 million in scholarship funds for parents to choose a Catholic school. Visit www.marylandboost.org for details.

Maryland 529 Savings Plans for K-12 Education – Maryland has a 529 savings plan that can be used not only for college, but for up to $10,000 of K-12 Catholic school tuition and education expenses every year.

Contribute to an eligible plan by May 31 and you could receive up to $500 in a match from the state.

The Maryland Senator Edward J. Kasemeyer College Investment Plan (MCIP) is open to Maryland taxpayers. No only parents, but grandparents, godparents, or other friends and family can start a plan for a child with as little at $25 and get tax benefits.

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