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2024 Alumni of the Year Nomination

Mission: To recognize a graduate of St. Mary’s Catholic School, Rockville MD that represents the values and goals as a member of the Catholic faith.

When: Awarded at the St. Mary’s Annual Auction and Awards Gala

Structure: Working with the St. Mary’s Alumni association and the HSA, the community will be asked for nominations for this award. A committee will form from the Alumni Association and School to choose the overall winner. The winner will be notified before the event in order to make arrangements to attend. All nominated Alumni will be invited to attend the Gala to be recognized.


⇒ Age

  • Must be 21 years or older.

Giving back to the community locally, nationally or worldwide (Some examples below)

  • Working with non-profit either as a profession or consistent volunteer (once a quarter or more)
  • Working with the poor or homeless either as a profession or consistent volunteer (once a quarter or more)
  • Doing mission work around the world (study abroad programs are not eligible)
  • Giving back to youth or underserved through programs such as Boy Scouts, coaching sports teams or the YMCA.
  • Working with local communities or national government on creating policies that help the underserved.
  • Mentoring through an organization like Big Brothers or Junior Achievement
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